If It Be that I am Dust


If it be that I am dust,
Then I have thrived against the odds
Fickle and frail, weak and wonky,
I’ve outlived days, hot and windy
From scary heights I landed unbroken
Mine’s a tale of success often unspoken

If it be that I am dust
Then our paths must have crossed,
While you marched your way to fame
Oh please! Don’t reminisce with shame
That I who you would not notice
Is become your place of solace

If it be that I am dust
Then heaven must be just,
To shed torrents of tears on me
Trampled, battered, used and dirty,
Famed as the dreary curse of deserts,
My plight has touched celestial hearts

If it be that I am dust
Then I have steel in my crust
I have borne the weight of the earth
And survived the heat of the hearth
I endured the storm and gale,
Still I remain whole and hale

If it be that I am dust
And yet my place is not lost,
The truth must lie in that breath divine
How else could these many feats be mine
Since it is that I am but dust,
I have no need for prideful lust