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Without any smile he spoke out, “I don’t care
Yet the thoughts wouldn’t leave, his nights were sleepless
Tossing about his bed, broken and scared
Life he thought, wasn’t fair, maybe meaningless

She looked her friend in the eyes, “leave me alone”
Her eyes sparkled as she spoke in anger
Yet deep within she was not alone
Her thoughts were much and varied, they troubled her

She silently longed for some ear to listen
But she had pushed all her friends away
Tears welled in her heart, her eyes moistened
In one sad gulp, she swallowed all she had to say

For every attempt to help he’d say “I’m fine”
Yet all around him, everything was wrong
His life, home, studies, work, all were out of line
He laboured to show himself he was strong

A lone soldier, his was a losing battle
Is it pride, fear, maybe he can’t trust others
He bears all the burdens on his shoulder so little
Soon all the weight of care come crashing over

“What’s the matter, you look troubled”
She makes-up a face, with a smile says “nothing”
“Are you sure? Or you need someone to talk to?”
A slight pause, “am okay” she says grinning

As he walks away, her heart gives way
Unspoken hurts flow down her cheeks, mixed with tears
Why can’t we just get these burdens away
Friends, family, they are there for all your fears


Too many hurts, too many hearts broken,
By cares and fears, pains and needs we would not share
Those thoughts, deep longings, words left unspoken
Has made prisoners of many, earthly hell

One People

2017_04_28_14_16_45We are one people, evidently so
One people divided only by our fears
We are one people, never mind our woes
Can’t you see we have so little problems?

We are so united, only without trust
We are on the same journey, just different routes
We as one are so blessed, we are our only curse
We tell each other everything but the truth

Our oneness is a firm cord, umbilical
We are joined so strongly by the juice in our soils
We’re one, though our leaders think it’s farcical
We fight for oneness, they are enriched from our toils

We are one People, everyone of us know
They massage our ‘common’ bulging udder
With truckloads of milk, upwards the map they go
Oh! I meant to say “we”, as one that we are

We’re one, seperated by hued glass cars, huge walls
Our oneness is touching, a beautiful dirge
Pen-robbers are king, and we buy from same stalls
Prey and predator, we are one, hmm…”so sage”

We are One, only divided by boundaries
We revel in our oneness, to hide our hearts
Ours is a rare prejudice, clothed in oneness
We embrace in parties, yet throw secret darts

We have made our oneness a poisoned chalice
Every kiss we share, we pass on subtle venom
Hameed meets and is enraptured by Alice
But Oneness has taught him hate is the norm

We are one, we greet ourselves with guns and swords
We are one, we sow the seeds to divide and rule
Hearts cold as death, feign to fight for us in words,
They too are our curse, leaders, mean and cruel

I weep as I write these because we are one
Blinded by hate, crippled by greed, we are one
Somewhere in our hearts, a handful are still one
Raped and ripped apart, we’ve all suffered as one
We’ve all been fooled, hoodwinked, lied to as one
Yet a dream still lives in us to rise as one
I hear the rally cry of many hearts as one
“Crushed and battered, let’s mould our clay into one”

Like mirrors

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Great words are not in ventriloquence.

They are not even measured by eloquence.

Many have thought the wisdom of words to be in quantity;

Still many a word spoken often starve of quality.

Some have thought the right accent could do the magic.

How often we listen to wannabe “Yankees” sound tragic.

The ones whose words outlive, whose voices echo on,

Simply let out the fountain flowing from within.

Great words, are like a work of art, more like mirrors.

They paint us a man’s heart, giving us clear pictures.



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God’s love is warm, it soothes the soul.
His arms are strong, bearing our cares.
He has made all things good, it’s grace.
For you, He died and went to Sheol.
On his way, he bore all your fears.
Even now, his blood pleads your case.
How much He loves you, beyond words.
For you, He’d go again to the cross.

His heart’s always longing for you,
He desires your fellowship.
He’s not after how much you do.
Just like a Shepherd with his sheep,
You hearing His voice, matters most.
The silent whispers and gentle sighs,
Battles won and those that seem lost,
None are meaningless in His eyes.

From the comfort of cushioned beds
Or the crags of a mountaintop,
His presence is always with you.
On bended knees or office chairs,
In a silent room or crowded shop,
Your words need no tempo nor hue;
You can, should always speak with Him.
All He needs, is give him your heart.

Treasure His love more than the gifts,
Seek His presence to Hear his voice.
Today, tomorrow, He’s the same.
His Love, His grace, His peace, His gifts,
He’s given to you without toils.
All are yours by faith in His Name.
Stop awhile and think about this:
He gave you Christ, with Him, all things.

If It Be that I am Dust


If it be that I am dust,
Then I have thrived against the odds
Fickle and frail, weak and wonky,
I’ve outlived days, hot and windy
From scary heights I landed unbroken
Mine’s a tale of success often unspoken

If it be that I am dust
Then our paths must have crossed,
While you marched your way to fame
Oh please! Don’t reminisce with shame
That I who you would not notice
Is become your place of solace

If it be that I am dust
Then heaven must be just,
To shed torrents of tears on me
Trampled, battered, used and dirty,
Famed as the dreary curse of deserts,
My plight has touched celestial hearts

If it be that I am dust
Then I have steel in my crust
I have borne the weight of the earth
And survived the heat of the hearth
I endured the storm and gale,
Still I remain whole and hale

If it be that I am dust
And yet my place is not lost,
The truth must lie in that breath divine
How else could these many feats be mine
Since it is that I am but dust,
I have no need for prideful lust