Photo credit:36ng.ng

Without any smile he spoke out, “I don’t care
Yet the thoughts wouldn’t leave, his nights were sleepless
Tossing about his bed, broken and scared
Life he thought, wasn’t fair, maybe meaningless

She looked her friend in the eyes, “leave me alone”
Her eyes sparkled as she spoke in anger
Yet deep within she was not alone
Her thoughts were much and varied, they troubled her

She silently longed for some ear to listen
But she had pushed all her friends away
Tears welled in her heart, her eyes moistened
In one sad gulp, she swallowed all she had to say

For every attempt to help he’d say “I’m fine”
Yet all around him, everything was wrong
His life, home, studies, work, all were out of line
He laboured to show himself he was strong

A lone soldier, his was a losing battle
Is it pride, fear, maybe he can’t trust others
He bears all the burdens on his shoulder so little
Soon all the weight of care come crashing over

“What’s the matter, you look troubled”
She makes-up a face, with a smile says “nothing”
“Are you sure? Or you need someone to talk to?”
A slight pause, “am okay” she says grinning

As he walks away, her heart gives way
Unspoken hurts flow down her cheeks, mixed with tears
Why can’t we just get these burdens away
Friends, family, they are there for all your fears


Too many hurts, too many hearts broken,
By cares and fears, pains and needs we would not share
Those thoughts, deep longings, words left unspoken
Has made prisoners of many, earthly hell