Our Motherland


Nigeria our motherland you are
And we have waited to be nourished
To feed off your fat
But now
We weary to call you ma
With our past and present well famished
Alas you’ve broken many a heart
Dare I say as a mother you failed
It’s the children who strayed

Nigeria our motherland we say
Then I thought
Who mothered our mother
Who raised her and taught her to nurture
Was she groomed
Has she grown
Has she
Now for our woes
Whom do we finger
With whom lies the hope for the future
I dare say we must now cease to rant
And stop the search for gold while we plant

Nigeria our motherland will yet be
But we now
Cannot be her children
Today we’ll work with strong arms and brains
It may be too soon for you and me
To see the chicks from the mother hen
For our toils
We may have little gains
But our eyes
Must be for the ones she’ll nurse
When our motherland has fed from us




To brim is to be empty
And to grow is to be low
Life is not always pretty,
Yet the wise can make it so

Life ends, the story begins
The clock stops, but time’s ticking
Eighteen’s the dream of teens
There they seek the bright lining

Night fades, the world is still dark
Songs play but there’s no music
Dawn’s early but late for the lark
Where death calls, there men frolic

Tears flow, it cleanses the soul
The pain is gone, not the scars
Loveless words will take their toll
The echoes clear, not the chars

Love is there, but hearts are cold
It’s as lame and dumb as us
Truth is scarce and just as old
I wonder, what is our course

The earth’s weighty, yet it floats
But our cares, leave us drowning
Birds sing never writing notes,
Still the world’s always mourning

I write, not exactly for fun
In these lines, I bare my heart
It’s for you and me I gun,
Perhaps we’d make a fresh start