Nature’s Wonders

Canadian Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario

The sky is blue and fair,
When the dust is in the air
My eyes cannot see or tell
All my noses breathe and smell

Little birds sing of good things
The world has so many beauties
And my ears do love to hear
More gist than my mouth can share

The sweet scent of spring flowers
Skies rimmed with rainbow colours
All speak of divine wisdom,
Of beauties I can’t fathom

The warm tingly rays of morning
The songs of insects at evening,
Warm the heart and tease the mind
Their charm’s unmatched in its kind

The growl of the king lion
The strides of the war stallion
Rend hearts and leaves all in awe
I wonder, to whom they do bow

Man is always about learning,
His heart never stops searching
But I have gone to and fro
Yet how much do I know


A Child’s Plea


Give the child your care
It can never be too much
Take him in your arms
He needs your tender touch

Give the child a smile,
Don’t rob him of it
Give the child your love,
At home and in the street

Give the child a hero
He does not need a villain
Show the child life’s beauty
He’s too young to know its pain

Give the child your ears,
He has a lot to share
The child needs a friend
He needs you to be there

Give the child a voice,
He needs to be heard
Don’t merely show him the way,
He needs to be led

Give the child your shoulder,
He needs them to lean on
The child is weak and frail
He needs you to feel strong

Give the child your all
Please do hold nothing back
Never turn your back on him
The world is cruel and dark