An Ode to The Golden Sunset

sunset beauty

Westward your golden smile glides the sky
With soft rays you lighten the somber lakes
You allure the mind with gleamy goodbye,
Bright slumber, red skylight, ere the night wakes

Atop the skysill, you glint mountain tops
Overhead the skyline your lucent beauty lops
Tethered to pacing time, you churn out charm
We drink in your ambience, it soothes like a balm

The anxious night awaits your graceful parade
Abashed by your shine, it must wait awhile
For that final stroll, your gleamy charade
As your endly glitters go from mile to mile

Like glowing embers, your goodbye’s warm and bright
Before your sheeny shine is stolen by night
Eyes that weary to see the sun’s awesome glow,
Solace in the enchantment of you its alter ego


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