A Ballad For Love


The eyes of the dark night sparkle
Its many voices squeak and cackle
The calm of the night clearly resound
Its ambience is spread all around

Yet in my solitude all I hear’s silence
A cruel numbness caused by your absence
Sourly, night fades with sad slow beats
Each note plays, lacking all the piths

Bright rose petals and fluttering rainbow wings,
Blossom and glide in the spring garden
Cloudless azure and gold-plaited evenings,
All mirror the ineffable beauty of heaven

However, all that I see is a vapid haze
As I stroll along in this mindless gaze
Don’t think I lost my sense of sight
It is you who has with you my light

On cloudless nights, with you as my moonshine,
My life would be bright as day
And for songless times the music of your smile,
Will all my sadness allay

In your eyes I see all the colours of beauty
In you I have found a priceless treasure
If you would be willing my love, to marry
I’d ever live to make your life a pleasure


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