My Inky Song

Lurked behind my pen I can holler
My face hid and away from searching eyes
In scribbled black and white I tower
The murky ink’s glaze my gleeful disguise

My lines stare in your soul with its inky gaze;
Below the facial veil they scour into your dens
Googly eyes they are, seeing beyond the haze
Yet I earn no praise; those eyes are my pen’s

Yes you see me but I am not there
My ‘pen-friend’ has me well concealed
From afar I can care, tell and share
My dank pen’s all I have to wield

Whether the place’s far or the course scary,
I fill the pages and I cover the distance
Many like me may loathe the harsh and dreary
But my pointed friend will always take the chance

So my pen I sing your song today
Not with voices helped by sonic string
No my friend I’ll do this one your way
With lips of ink, that’s how I’ll sing


2 thoughts on “My Inky Song

  1. wow..what a lovely blog you have. i have never got my ahead around poetry. they dont make sense to me…but this…i can relate with…i you have the time do check out my travel blog


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