Musings On Dreams


I’d soar like an eagle if I could.
To my dreams I’d fly, yes I would.
My wings would never tire not at all.
I’d flip and flap to keep from a fall.

I’d speed like a cheetah fast and away;
To reach my future all in one day.
With searching steps I’d stride along,
If I had me paws fast and strong.

To live today and die the next holds some gain;
Says the mayfly who works even in the rain.
But if I crave to have it all here and now,
It may justly be that I take an early bow.

So today I’ll dream, then work and wait,
While with sure and steady strides I’ll sate.
In place of wings and paws will come my faith,
Cos the gate to dreams is watched by fate.

Iremise Emmanuel


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