An Ode to The Golden Sunset

sunset beauty

Westward your golden smile glides the sky
With soft rays you lighten the somber lakes
You allure the mind with gleamy goodbye,
Bright slumber, red skylight, ere the night wakes

Atop the skysill, you glint mountain tops
Overhead the skyline your lucent beauty lops
Tethered to pacing time, you churn out charm
We drink in your ambience, it soothes like a balm

The anxious night awaits your graceful parade
Abashed by your shine, it must wait awhile
For that final stroll, your gleamy charade
As your endly glitters go from mile to mile

Like glowing embers, your goodbye’s warm and bright
Before your sheeny shine is stolen by night
Eyes that weary to see the sun’s awesome glow,
Solace in the enchantment of you its alter ego


If It Be that I am Dust


If it be that I am dust,
Then I have thrived against the odds
Fickle and frail, weak and wonky,
I’ve outlived days, hot and windy
From scary heights I landed unbroken
Mine’s a tale of success often unspoken

If it be that I am dust
Then our paths must have crossed,
While you marched your way to fame
Oh please! Don’t reminisce with shame
That I who you would not notice
Is become your place of solace

If it be that I am dust
Then heaven must be just,
To shed torrents of tears on me
Trampled, battered, used and dirty,
Famed as the dreary curse of deserts,
My plight has touched celestial hearts

If it be that I am dust
Then I have steel in my crust
I have borne the weight of the earth
And survived the heat of the hearth
I endured the storm and gale,
Still I remain whole and hale

If it be that I am dust
And yet my place is not lost,
The truth must lie in that breath divine
How else could these many feats be mine
Since it is that I am but dust,
I have no need for prideful lust

A Ballad For Love


The eyes of the dark night sparkle
Its many voices squeak and cackle
The calm of the night clearly resound
Its ambience is spread all around

Yet in my solitude all I hear’s silence
A cruel numbness caused by your absence
Sourly, night fades with sad slow beats
Each note plays, lacking all the piths

Bright rose petals and fluttering rainbow wings,
Blossom and glide in the spring garden
Cloudless azure and gold-plaited evenings,
All mirror the ineffable beauty of heaven

However, all that I see is a vapid haze
As I stroll along in this mindless gaze
Don’t think I lost my sense of sight
It is you who has with you my light

On cloudless nights, with you as my moonshine,
My life would be bright as day
And for songless times the music of your smile,
Will all my sadness allay

In your eyes I see all the colours of beauty
In you I have found a priceless treasure
If you would be willing my love, to marry
I’d ever live to make your life a pleasure

My Inky Song

Lurked behind my pen I can holler
My face hid and away from searching eyes
In scribbled black and white I tower
The murky ink’s glaze my gleeful disguise

My lines stare in your soul with its inky gaze;
Below the facial veil they scour into your dens
Googly eyes they are, seeing beyond the haze
Yet I earn no praise; those eyes are my pen’s

Yes you see me but I am not there
My ‘pen-friend’ has me well concealed
From afar I can care, tell and share
My dank pen’s all I have to wield

Whether the place’s far or the course scary,
I fill the pages and I cover the distance
Many like me may loathe the harsh and dreary
But my pointed friend will always take the chance

So my pen I sing your song today
Not with voices helped by sonic string
No my friend I’ll do this one your way
With lips of ink, that’s how I’ll sing

Musings On Dreams


I’d soar like an eagle if I could.
To my dreams I’d fly, yes I would.
My wings would never tire not at all.
I’d flip and flap to keep from a fall.

I’d speed like a cheetah fast and away;
To reach my future all in one day.
With searching steps I’d stride along,
If I had me paws fast and strong.

To live today and die the next holds some gain;
Says the mayfly who works even in the rain.
But if I crave to have it all here and now,
It may justly be that I take an early bow.

So today I’ll dream, then work and wait,
While with sure and steady strides I’ll sate.
In place of wings and paws will come my faith,
Cos the gate to dreams is watched by fate.

Iremise Emmanuel